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November 2020

November already.  So many blooms in the garden as the heat begins.  Lots of Aloes still flowering along with Iris, Callistemons, Aeoniums & Cacti, Bitd life increasing with chicks around the property being heard in the nests.  Aviary has canary and finch chicks at present. Still have not managed to catch the brown snake in the aviary.  Just wish we had throroughly checked the completed aviary before putting birds in it.  Won't be easy to catch this snake.  Have been trying several ways suggested by friends.  Had the professional snake catcher out here for 2.5 hours last month but he could not see it buried in the salt bush.  Will have to wait for the warmer days to entice the snake out into the clearer part of the aviary to allow us to try and catch it.

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