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Gearing up for the Victorian Open Garden Scheme next month.  So much to do and lots of weeds to try and control.  The rain we have been receiving lately is making that very difficult.

This winter has been quite harsh with frosts and cold weather making their markings on quite a few Aloes and their Winter blooms.  Some buds were damaged and we had not even received any notification of frost weather.  There was no frost on next door neighbour's lawn or on our bird baths.  That is generally how you tell that we have had frost overnight.

Hopefully no more frosts for the year.  I had one night that I did not realise how cold it was going to be until 9.30pm and could not be bothered going out late at night with a torch and shade cloth.  The following morning, the bird baths were frozen and next door's lawn was covered in frost!  Hence received quite a bit of damage.  Should have checked the forecast earlier in the day.

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