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May 2023


How time goes so quickly. Have been doing so much in the garden and at markets. Have just managed to clear one native garden bed that was invaded with weeds that were there for years.   It got the better of me and I have removed everything. Hopefully I will have got all the weeds or at least be able to control them whilst the new plants that I will add later are growing.


Have completed the front bed near the entrance to the property. The birds will love these Aloe flowers over the next couple of months. All the Aloe africana x are out in flower out the front also and I have seen honeyeaters in those absolutely loving the nectar.


Only the other day I heard chicks in the aviary. Have since seen some Gouldians and Waxbill chicks. Can't believe they are having chicks whilst it is so cold. Just proves that blocking those southerly winds has improved the aviary and the temperature for the birds.





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