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July 2020

Winter is well and truly here.  Have been back to the Daylesford Sunday Market a couple of times and it is now back to food stalls only until further notice.  This Corona virus is certainly taking its toll on a lot of businesses.  Spoke to previous stall holders who still cannot have their stalls at markets as their stall is handling young animals.  You can't keep your distance at that sort of stall!!!  Will have to wait until advised that suealoe can return to the Daylesford Market once again.  Keep watching this website or Instagram & Facebook.  Hope it is not too long.  Maybe once the Melbourne suburban problem has settled down, things will change.  Still have plant sales and metal garden ornament sales by appointment.

Been doing lots of welding and replacing my stock that was recently purchased by a few people.  Look at the Welding Section to see the new items.

Weeds have been growing very fast on the property.  Have to try and keep some sort of control over them.  Easier said than done!  Keep spotting mature weeds that have already set seed.  Have wandered right beside them several times and not noticed them.  

Aloes are flowering at present.  The birds are extremely happy with the amount of nectar available in both Aloes and Natives.  Lots more Aloes are curently in bud and will be fully flowered in a few weeks.  Will take lots of pictures and put them on Instagram and Facebook.

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