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Current work

Getting ready for the Ballarat Begonia Festival in March with lots of plants and welded  garden ornaments.  Lots of plants currently in pots ready for sale in just a couple of weeks now.  More welding to be done to provide a wider range of garden ornaments for sale.

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May 2023

How time goes so quickly. Have been doing so much in the garden and at markets. Have just managed to clear one native garden bed that was invaded with weeds that were there for years.   It got the bet


Gearing up for the Victorian Open Garden Scheme next month.  So much to do and lots of weeds to try and control.  The rain we have been receiving lately is making that very difficult. This winter has

November 2020

November already.  So many blooms in the garden as the heat begins.  Lots of Aloes still flowering along with Iris, Callistemons, Aeoniums & Cacti, Bitd life increasing with chicks around the property


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