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Kedrostis africana - Baboon's Cucumber - Caudiciform Seed

Kedrostis africana - Baboon's Cucumber - Caudiciform Seed


At least 15 seeds per pack.  Very easy to grow from seed. 


ABOUT THE PLANT:  Kedrostis africana commonly known as Baboon's Cucumber us a Caudiciform plant that prefers free draining soil and a frost free position. I have mine planted on the northern side of the house where it is protected from frost. The greenery is there during the Summer months providing protection from the hot Summer sun. If in doubt, plant it in a morning sun position and frost free. Another good spot is a raised bed under a fully leafed tree during the Winter months. Every couple of years you can raise the caudiciform to expose more of it. This is also done when growing in pots. I have had mine in the ground for over ten years and only raised it after 2 years. Best time of year to raise is Autumn or Spring. Not during the hot Summer or cold Winter.   NOT AVAILABLE FOR S.A., N.T. & TAS.

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